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Now it is Hong Kong that may join TPP wagon

Now it is Hong Kong that may join TPP wagon

In his welcome address, on second day of PSF, Hon Felix Chung Kwok-pan, Member, Functional Consultancy-Textile and Garment, The Legislative Council of Hong Kong, said that when five years ago talks of TPP came across Hong Kong Government, it was not a very interesting idea, and our government didn’t respond in a positive manner, as manufacturing from Hong Kong was shifting largely to other locations. Now, when we made presentation to the government about the scope TPP may offer in its current format, we may have manufacturing coming back to Hong Kong.


Now it is Hong Kong that may join TPP wagon1

Talking about the supportive role of HK government he mentioned that earlier during the Budget announcement in 2016, $500 million has been allocated to further the development of the fashion industry that shall also help aggressively promoting CENTRESTAGE, a news initiative of HKTDC to promote local talent and Asian brands, joining the global fashion calendar in the month of September.

As a legislative, he referred to a meeting he attended in San Francisco last week, where it has been decided to hold a summit in Hong Kong in 2017 in association with Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). He also referred to his meeting in head offices of Facebook and Google, as how they could explore to have some new cooperation to track changing consumer behavior of consumer today, so that the changes could be applied in supply chain. Eventually, he hopes that in next 3 to5 years, Hong Kong will change to a truly global fashion centre