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MYR provides bespoke denim design solutions

MYR, is a software that aims to simplify denim design—to reduce waste, foster collaboration and most importantly nurture creativity. MYR is a digital platform dedicated to fashion design and fashion designers, conceived by Umberto Brocchetto in collaboration with his life-long friend Valter Celato and a close-knit team of professionals and creative developers with 30 years of experience in the fashion industry in enriching fabrics such as Denim.

The software simplifies the design process, permitting visualisation of various elements, with tools that show the effects of fabrics, accessories, labels, yarns, trimmings, chemicals and prints with an archive of wash and laser effects continually updated to reflect recent market trends. This software includes technological innovations which are developed in the laundry lab and have been tested in MYR’s development centres, run with latest technologies and supported by suppliers, including chemical products, special machinery used by laundries, laser, digital printing machines, embroidery, and printing.

MYR is more than its wide array of multi-purpose tools, however, the platform facilitates communication between users and suppliers and is a place where creators and makers can meet and exchange ideas. Both users and suppliers are able to get in touch with MYR’s teams and share their feedback and their needs, fostering opportunities for bespoke denim design solutions. In addition to its industrial applications, the software is also useful in design education.

The company plans is to test 3D visualisation that will be added to the package soon. MYR will be able to dialogue with the different CAD 3D programs and they hope to open new fit categories like shirts, T-shirts, jackets etc as well as opening it to new fabric categories like RFD, wool, nylon and more.