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Mizuno refuses to support its unfairly dismissed Indonesian workers

Celebrating its 110th anniversary this year Japanese sports brand Mizuno, continues to refuse to help 346 Indonesian workers who were unfairly dismissed after a strike in 2012. Some of the women, who have been working for years on Mizuno sportswear, lost their homes and families after the company producing for Mizuno sacked them. Adidas, another buyer at the factory at the time, also refuses to support the workers.

The labour issue started in July 2012 when a group of 1300 mostly female workers was fired from the PT Panarub Dwikarya Benoa factory (PDK) after a strike demanding the right to freedom of association and a back payment of the legal minimum wage. The women also suffered from verbal and physical violence. Early 2012 workers founded the union SBGTS-GSBI. In July 2012 factory management unilaterally decided to postpone negotiations regarding wage violations, while the workers started a spontaneous protest, followed by a strike which was joined by 2000 workers. After five days of strike, the factory management dismissed the workers.

Out of the 1300 dismissed workers, 346 are still fighting for fair severance payment. The other workers agreed to be paid off with a meager ransom, due to the pressure of the factory management and the hardship of lack of income. The remaining workers recently considerably lowered their financial demands in order to be able to reach a settlement and close the case.