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Mexico’s new standard for textile care labelling

The Mexican Ministry of Economy has issued a new standard for clothing care labels and symbols – NMX-A-3758-INNTEX-2014 “Textile – Code of Generation of Caring Labels with the Use of Symbols”. The new standard is identical to the international standard ISO 3758:2012 “Textile – Care Labeling Code Using Symbols”. The new standard uses five basic care symbols for wet and dry cleaning but excludes industrial laundry techniques. The symbols are ordered washing, bleaching, drying, ironing and professional textile care.

This standard set out the most severe treatments that can be used on an item of clothing without causing irreversible damage. In Mexico, textile and garment labels must comply with the correct standards (NOMs) and/or voluntary standards (NMXs).

If the relevant NOM specifies a NMX, this becomes mandatory. In general, all apparel, accessories, textile products and home textiles with over 50 per cent textile content must comply with the Official Mexican Standard NOM-004-SCFI-2006 for mandatory labelling requirements.

Mexican labelling standards normally require one or more permanent and legible label to be attached to the collar, waist or other visible location. They must show: Commercial brand name; Fibre composition a NMX-A-2076-INNTEX-2013 and NMX-A-6938-INNTEX-2013; Size; Care and preservation instructions must be indicated using brief and clear legends or the symbols indicated in the NMX-A-3758-INNTEX-2014, or both. Symbols different from those stipulated in the aforementioned standard may be used, only if the legend relating to proper treatment and the care and preservation instructions also appears in Spanish; Country of origin; Name and address of the manufacturer/importer with a voluntary mention of the RFC (federal taxpayers register) number.