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Mexico reforms labor laws

Mexico is reforming its labor laws and offering guarantees for workers' rights. Experts will register trade unions and collective agreements impartially, transparently and efficiently. This reform will help combat one of the main problems faced by workers in Mexico –protection contracts.

At the moment, unrepresentative trade unions cannot demonstrate through a democratic process the legitimate support of the workers they intend to represent.

The constitutional reform abolishes the tripartite conciliation and arbitration boards and transfers their legal role to a higher court of justice. This means that the labor justice system will no longer be directly controlled by the President of the Republic, complicit state governors and employer-dominated trade unions.

The reform will pave the way for workers to better enjoy their rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining. The new legislation will guarantee Mexican workers the right to be represented in collective bargaining by a union of their free choice and where all procedural rules, particularly the right to democratically elect the union and union representatives of their choice and to vote on any collective bargaining agreement before it is registered, are observed and respected.

Clothing brands like Adidas, C&A, Inditex and Nike have declared their support for the reform.