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Metalbottoni develops copper button

Metalbottoni has set benchmarks in the production of accessories and fashion and garment finishings. Among its new offerings is an all-copper jeans button. This button is entirely made of copper, recycled processing scrap, without galvanising treatments or other chemicals. The result is a product with a potentially indefinite life cycle and which is 100 per cent recyclable. The jeans button is entirely made of recycled copper.

The brands other new collection is dedicated to beachwear accessories. Metalbottoni is participating for the second time at the ongoing Kingpins Amsterdam from October 25 to 26, 2017. It has collections developed on the basis of a new concept, which over the next few years will be underpinning the Italian company’s promotion and development activities.

The new proposals are based on a single broad connecting thread: looking at the world of accessories from a new perspective, with a view to creating products which provide unique added value for the garment. This pathway also includes a continuous improvement process requiring constant research both in terms of style and in the R&D phase.

The goal is to provide a new and forward-looking perspective on the world of accessories based on researching trends, new materials, processing and finishing techniques, paying constant attention to gaining an increasing amount of real sustainability, without neglecting the fashion side, the elegance and style which are the true trademarks of Metalbottoni.