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Levi Strauss focuses on climate challenge

Levi Strauss is a vocal advocate for environmental protection. It has a Collaboratory fellowship that focuses on ways to reduce the apparel industry’s impact. Each year the Collaboratory focuses on a different sustainability challenge facing the apparel industry. In 2017, the Collaboratory funded water-saving ideas, including projects that expand a natural indigo dyeing facility, create products that are less water-intensive and make wastewater treatment solutions more accessible to small artisan workshops.

This year the theme is climate change. The year-long fellowship will support entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs to advance innovative ideas for reducing their company’s—or the overall industry’s—climate impact in product design, raw materials, manufacturing or consumer use.

Climate change has devastating effects on the apparel industry, the communities in which the industry operates, and the world at large. By 2025, Levi Strauss plans to manufacture all of its products from recycled cotton.

It would be the first company to do so. Levi Strauss runs a program in five major markets - Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany - that gives customers a 15 per cent discount on a new Levi’s item if they donate any old clothes (they don’t have to be Levi’s) to be recycled.