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Lenzing offers Tencel Luxe, a lyocell filament

Lenzing has launched a new product, Tencel Luxe. This is a lyocell filament and is the first time Lenzing has entered the filament market. It will further support Lenzing’s shift to become a true specialty player in the botanic materials market derived from sustainable wood sources.

The smooth surface of Tencel Luxe gives fabrics a silky smooth feel and a liquid-like drape for the most sensual silhouettes. The filaments are naturally breathable due to their wood-based origin and offer outstanding color fastness, enabling designers to express bold color palettes where creativity knows no boundaries. They are the new player for sustainable high-end cellulose textiles by offering superior aesthetics, performance and comfort level that allow them to be the perfect partner with other noble fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool.

The eco-botanic lyocell filaments are made from wood pulp, which is sourced from sustainable wood in line with Lenzing’s strict wood and pulp Policy. They are produced using Lenzing’s pioneering closed-loop lyocell production process. This process ensures minimal environmental impact due to low process water and energy use and raw material consumption.

Tencel Luxe will open new markets for Lenzing and allow the company to participate in the premium segment of the fabrics market.