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Kraig Biocraft to open subsidiary in Vietnam

Kraig Biocraft, a developer of spider silk based fibers has created an efficient method of producing high strength silk by using innovative genetic engineering technologies. This silk demonstrates superior strength and elasticity and in some cases has higher strength and elasticity than native spider silks.

The company has achieved a series of scientific breakthroughs in the area of spider silk technology with implications for the global textile industry. It plans to open a subsidiary company in Vietnam and an advanced hybrid silk research and pilot production operation.

The venture will bring new technology and capability to Vietnam and give a boost to the existing silk and textile production infrastructure. Over the next several months, Kraig Labs plans to finalise the formation of the subsidiary, lease a facility, hire and train local staff, obtain permits, and begin cross breeding its silkworms with local commercial silkworm lines.

Kraig is the world leader in genetically engineered spider silk technologies. It applies genetic engineering spider silk technology to the domestic silkworm, which is one of the most efficient commercial producers of silk.

The silkworm is ideally suited to produce genetically engineered spider silk because it is already an efficient commercial and industrial producer of silk. Forty per cent of the caterpillar’s weight is devoted to the silk glands. The silk glands produce large volumes of protein, called fibroin, which are then spun into a composite protein thread.