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Honduras to strengthen its textile sector

Honduras is Central America’s top textile exporter. The industry is one of Honduras’ main export and employment generators, comprising nearly 260 companies operating in 16 industrial parks. Strategic investments have helped transform the country into one of the world’s major players in the booming synthetic yarn and active wear market. Some 83 per cent of Honduran textile exports are destined for the US. The country is the US’s top supplier of cotton T-shirts and second largest supplier of fleece wear.

Honduras’ goal is to surpass Indonesia and Mexico to become the US’ fifth most important apparel provider. US, Chinese and European investors are investing both in synthetic manufacturing facilities and in distribution centers to service e-commerce. Several plants in the country have already incorporated new technologies for the use of recycled synthetic fibers. One such plant is slated to begin operations in the summer of 2018. The plant will have the capacity to produce more than 25,000 tons per year of drawn texturized yarn in a range of dimensions and textures to be used for the elaboration of synthetic sport, moisture-wicking, stain-resistant and other high-performance fabrics for clothing and footwear.

Synthetic textile manufacturing lead times and costs will become even more competitive once the high-tech yarn is produced locally instead of imported.