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Hessnatur introduces selvedge in Bangladesh

Hessnatur, an organic brand from Germany, has introduced high quality and ecologically sustainable fabrics for selvedge denim. Selvedge jeans are handmade from natural materials as its raw materials bio cotton and indigo plant are cultivated under fair conditions as well as in its natural environment.

Selvedge comes from the English self-edged and stands for the original selvage of the fabric. A selvedge jean can be seen on the outer seam. Here the two original selvedges meet each other on the inner side of the pants. This looks beautiful, and is particularly durable, as the edges cannot fray. The selvedges are straight, the jeans are also available in a straight unisex cut.

Hessnatur selvedge jeans are a favorite for all who appreciate tradition and craftsmanship. Every jeans is woven on traditional Japanese handlooms: the fabric is softer, no sizing agents are used, since the warp threads are less stressed than in industrial processing. It takes a weaver around ten days to prepare and weave 35 meters of denim fabric.

Hessnatur has chosen Bangladesh as it has become a major sourcing hub for trendy denim products. This project is about job creation in one of Bangladesh’s least developed areas and the preservation of traditional crafts. The idea is to promote traditional craftsmanship with regard to ecological and social sustainability as well as to create jobs in one of the least developed areas of Bangladesh.