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Green Machine wins ITMF sustainability award


Green Machine has won the ITMF Awards 2022 in the sustainability and innovation category. Green Machine is the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel’s research project. Green Machine is a hydrothermal treatment process that separates cotton polyester blends at scale by using only heat, water and a biodegradable green chemical. It has won a total of five awards since its launch in 2016.

Green Machine solves long-term challenges in recycling blended textiles. Everything going through the hydrothermal process can be reused. The separated fibers are ready for re-spinning. The cellulose powder decomposed from cotton can be turned into functional finishes or raw materials for textile application. The cellulose powder can even be transformed into a water retention agent for agricultural use. Green Machine has great potential to speed up the journey of sustainability and bring significant benefits to the textile industry and society as a whole.

ITMF Awards are organized by International Textile Manufacturers Federation which was founded in 1904 and which celebrates works of merit and notable achievements in the textile field. The category sustainability and innovation recognises achievements in the industry that have a focus on innovation, design, development and production. Such achievements must comply with the strictest standards of sustainability and respect for the environment.


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