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DyStar lauches new sustainable denim concept -- Cadira

DyStar has introduced Cadira Denim. This reduces water, waste and energy consumption and lowers substantial waste quantities from the effluent treatment plants. It helps brands and retailers and their production partners save valuable resources, reduce the carbon footprint of their textile goods and increase productivity by improving the utilisation of machinery.

Cadira Denim combines the most eco awarded indigo in the world, DyStar Indigo Vat 40 per cent solution, with the ecological advanced reducing agent Sera Con C- RDA. This combination allows a salt free dyeing with a strong effluent load reduction.

Cadira Denim reduces the use of sulfates by up to 95 per cent compared to dyeing with indigo powder in combination with the conventional reducing agent sodium dithionite (hydrosulfite).  Total solids will also be reduced up to 90 per cent compared with indigo powder and hydrosulfite.

DyStar is a dyestuff and chemical manufacturer and solution provider. The Singapore-based company is also in the works to introduce additional concepts for more resource efficiency and productivity in the production of textiles.

DyStar aspires to become the world’s most sustainable and responsible supplier of colors, chemicals and services to the global textile industry. The company strives to achieve a new balance between being a responsible supplier and a profitable business in these changing times.