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Dutch brand Mud Jeans gets Nordic Swan ecolabel

Dutch brand Mud Jeans’ entire denim collection, or 41 styles, has received the Nordic Swan ecolabel certification. The ecolabel evaluates a product’s total lifecycle from raw material to recycling. The certification works to reduce the environmental impact from production and consumption of goods and make it easier for consumers to make eco-conscious purchasing decisions through labeling. The ecolabel is the holy grail of Scandinavian clothing certifications.

The Nordic Swan ecolabel certification is the official ecolabel of Nordic countries. It has a transparent and flexible supply chain and structured way of using materials and is known for its leasing program that allows consumers to keep, switch or recycle their jeans after one year.

The brand works with one denim mill and one garment supplier. All of its jeans contain post-consumer recycled denim and organic cotton and are finished with sustainable laser and ozone technologies. The internal audit for the certification took more than a year to complete. Through the process, Mud Jeans had to tweak some of its materials like adopt 100 per cent recyclable buttons. Mud Jeans has made mighty strides in sustainability, from not using any plastic polybags to eliminating the use of potassium permanganate to using waste as a resource.