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CENTRESTAGE, HK Pavneet Kaur, India wins People's Choice at the Redress Design Award 2023

CENTRESTAGE HK Pavneet Kaur India wins Peoples Choice at the Redress Design Award 2023


Starting  her journey  from a small town in UP in India, Pavneet Kaur, to become the People's Choice winner at the Redress Design Award 2023 at Centrestage, Hong Kong.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India,  a young designer's journey into the world of sustainable fashion took flight. Pavneet Kaur, a 25-year-old creative visionary, stumbled upon a treasure trove of discarded turbans, traditionally worn by Sikh men, hidden away in her father's wardrobe. Little did she know that this humble discovery would serve as the spark for a remarkable odyssey that would lead her to become the People's Choice winner at the Redress Design Award 2023.

Pavneet's story is a testament to her unwavering commitment to sustainability, creativity, and her ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. From her early days of collecting discarded turbans to her groundbreaking collection 'EUTOPIA,' inspired by the solarpunk movement, she has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. This is the tale of a designer who challenged tradition with innovation, made sustainability her core mission, and inspired a global audience with her passion and creativity. Join us as we delve into Pavneet Kaur's extraordinary journey into the heart of sustainable fashion.

The Humble Beginnings

Pavneet Kaur's journey into sustainable fashion started in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. In her hometown in Uttar Pradesh, she stumbled upon a trove of discarded turbans, traditionally worn by Sikh men. These vibrant textiles, hidden away in her father's wardrobe, became the catalyst for her remarkable journey.

EUTOPIA - A Vision of Sustainability

Inspired by the solarpunk movement, Pavneet conceived 'EUTOPIA.' Her collection embodied a vision of a bright and ecological future. It featured a dazzling color palette, including neon green, orange, yellow, and pink, symbolizing her optimism for the world of sustainable fashion.

Transforming Turbans into Timeless Designs

Pavneet's creative genius transformed discarded turbans into timeless and oversized silhouettes. Her collection boasted dresses, shirts, and jackets designed to cater to all ages and sizes. These turbans, crafted from cotton and silk, underwent meticulous upcycling using innovative techniques like patchwork and appliqué, ensuring they were not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable.

Sustainability at its Core

Beyond aesthetics, Pavneet's collection had a profound impact on her local community in India. She aimed to provide fair employment opportunities to local expert artisans while preserving India's rich arts and crafts heritage. Her work was a testament to her dedication to sustainability and reimagining fashion's role in creating positive change.

Challenging Tradition with Innovation

Pavneet was passionate about working with waste materials and exploring innovative design solutions. Her mission was to challenge traditional fashion practices and inspire a more conscious approach to fashion consumption. Her dedication was evident in every piece she created.

The People's Choice Winner

Pavneet's commitment to sustainability earned her the People's Choice Award at the Redress Design Award. Her journey with the competition was filled with circular challenges, factory tours, and mentorship from industry leaders. She even secured a $2000 prize for winning a sustainable packaging challenge.

Mentorship and Recognition

Throughout her journey, Pavneet had the opportunity to interact with renowned mentors like Orsollad Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution. Their guidance and mentorship provided invaluable insights, helping Pavneet take her brand to the next level.

A Testament to Passion and Creativity

Pavneet's journey, from collecting discarded turbans to becoming the People's Choice winner at the Redress Design Award, was a testament to her passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to driving sustainability in the fashion industry. Her story served as an inspiration to aspiring designers and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, demonstrating that with vision and determination, one could make a profound impact on the world of fashion and contribute to a more sustainable future.



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