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Brands need to increase personal touch

More than brands understanding the ways their consumers live, they will also have to figure out the most genuine way to reach them and communicate with them. Traditional advertising doesn’t work for a group of consumers seeking personalized experiences from brands that mean something to them.

Today an individual, when buying something, does something more than buying.  This person is constructing a personality. Consumers may be consumers, but they’re also citizens with social concerns, environmental concerns and a need for new experiences.

The new wave of connected consumers wants to be part of things like recycling the clothes they wear or understanding how their garments are being created. This is something more than just consuming. Retail is a citizen act.

Brands are cross sharing, cross merging. Successful consuming experiences now go beyond just having an efficient experience and walking out with a garment that provides the need or want sought—a successful experience is also one the consumer can share with others.

Buying on social networks is something that’s more and more relevant. About 45 per cent of Gen Z consumers are ready to buy from social networks.

Athletic brands may be ahead of other retailers in creating extended connections with consumers. It’s about creating a community. Lululemon may sell yoga pants, but it’s also inviting consumers into stores to participate in free community yoga classes.