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Bangladesh: Accord, Alliance suspend 83 RMG units

Accord and Alliance have terminated and suspended their business with 83 garment units in Bangladesh on grounds of their failure to implement workplace safety measures and ensure a safe working environment.
Accord is a platform of more than 200 buyers, brands and trade unions from mostly the European Union. It terminated business with a total of 23 garment factories. Alliance is a grouping of 26 North American apparel companies, buyers and retailers. It suspended 60 factories from its compliant factory list.

Both Alliance and Accord are conducting fire, electrical and structural integrity assessment in their listed factories. Accord inspected some 1,600 factories while Alliance assessed some 800 units. Where corrective actions to eliminate safety hazards are identified, the factory is required to implement the corrective actions according to a schedule that is mandatory and time-bound.

If a supplier fails to implement the corrective action and cooperate in Accord or Alliance inspections, the supplier will receive notice that its business with Accord/Alliance signatory companies will be terminated. The garment factories with whom Accord and Alliance have severed business ties are now being scrutinised by the Bangladesh government. If they are indeed found unsafe, action will be taken.