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ARC 2023 triumph: Beyond chemical recycling success


The Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC) has emerged as a global leader in recycling innovation, experiencing a remarkable 30% increase in participation, totaling nearly 300 attendees from 26 countries within just one year. Hosted in Cologne, Germany, on November 28-29, 2023, the conference set records in attendance, presentations, posters, and exhibitors, signaling a growing interest in advanced recycling technologies globally. The overwhelming response underscores the industrial community's commitment to sustainability and the urgency for supportive policies amidst rising recycling quotas.

Addressing diverse waste streams, from plastics to textiles, the conference showcased cutting-edge solutions, delving beyond chemical recycling into thermochemical approaches, extruders, and pre- and post-treatment methods. Insightful sessions on "Markets and Policy" and "LCA" informed attendees on sustainability aspects, crucial for meeting ambitious recycling quotas.

The event featured Lars Krause presenting the nova-Institute's latest study on global advanced recycling capacities, highlighting Europe's leading role in chemical recycling. Despite impressive progress, challenges lie ahead, emphasizing the pivotal role of political decision-makers in fostering growth and addressing inadequate framework conditions.

The conference also promoted dialogue between physical and chemical recycling, acknowledging the need for a cohesive approach in closed and open recycling loops. The event left participants motivated to explore new recycling solutions, securing a sustainable future. Looking ahead, the ARC will continue its evolution, with the next edition scheduled for November 20-21, 2024, in Cologne, Germany, and online. The support of sponsors and media partners, including DePoly, Erema Group, and YNCORIS, ensures the conference's positive trajectory, with a commitment to ongoing improvement based on participant and speaker feedback.



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