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Alliance finds most factories sound

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has surveyed 508 readymade garment units. The survey result shows that 99 per cent of the factories are structurally sound. Less than one per cent of the units surveyed were found to be unsafe in terms of structural integrity.In instances where the buildings are identified as overloaded, factory owners have been urged to take immediate action to reduce the load and reinforce the buildings' columns. Common issues include inadequate fire suppression equipment, lack of fire doors and poor electrical wiring.

Workers who are unable to work due to factory closures are being compensated in part by the Alliance's Worker Support Fund, which is made up of dues from each of the Alliance's 26 member companies. Nearly 1,000 workers’ salaries have been paid following Alliance-recommended factory closures to date.

The Alliance has reiterated its commitment to inspect 100 per cent factories by July 2014. Before they are released, inspection reports are shared with factory management and worker representatives. The goal is to ensure that inspection reports are comprehensive and consistent, and done in a way that allows for the process of remediation to continue, while minimising the impact on factory workers.