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After heaven on earth, Playboy founder is now in heaven

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, 91, is dead. He helped usher in the 1960s sexual revolution with his groundbreaking men's magazine and built a business empire around his libertine lifestyle.

He kept a harem of young blondes that numbered as many as seven.

Thanks to Viagra he continued exercising his libido into his 80s.

He was determined to stay young and never grow up, and as long as the women felt the same about him, that’s all that mattered.

Hefner settled down somewhat in 2012 at age 86 when he took Crystal Harris, who was 60 years younger, as his third wife.

His so-called stunted childhood led to a multi-million-dollar enterprise that centered on naked women. At the raucous parties in his mansions, legions of male celebrities swarmed to mingle with beautiful young women.

Long before the Internet made nudity ubiquitous, Hefner faced obscenity charges in 1963 for publishing and circulating photos of disrobed celebrities and aspiring stars but he was acquitted.

Hefner created Playboy as the first stylish glossy men’s magazine and in addition to nude fold-outs, it had intellectual appeal with top writers. In-depth interviews with historic figures such as Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and John Lennon also were featured regularly.