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Worn Again comes up with breakthrough polymer recycling technology

Research institute Worn Again Technologies has successfully reached its investment target of £5 million to facilitate acceleration of its breakthrough polymer recycling technology. The patented process can separate, decontaminate and extract polyester polymers and cellulose from hitherto non-reusable textiles; enabling these fibres to be used in the manufacture of new garments an indefinite number of times.

The institute’s innovation would facilitate the separation of both polyester and cotton, thus producing two end products that Worn Again believe to be of comparable quality and price to the equivalent virgin resources. The latest financial boosts received by Worn Again have given the organisation belief that the apparel sector is beginning to think with the future in mind.

Last month, Worn Again was awarded a grant to become the first chemical recycling technology to be Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certified. Others investments includes H&M, Sulzer Chemtech, Himes Corporation, Directex and Future Tech Lab. Worn Again has also partnered with Qvartz, a Nordic management consultancy firm to help formulate partnership development and commercialisation model.



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