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Variety options for California, Arizona cotton seed growers

The 2016 cotton planting season is just around the corner and growers are busy studying variety information to make the best seed selections for their farm operations. Last year in the US, Dow Agro Sciences’ Phytogen cotton seed brand was the top planted Pima- and Upland Acala-type cottons in the Golden State, followed by Bayer Crop Science’s FiberMax and Stoneville cotton. Nearly half of the California Upland crop was spread across four Phytogen varieties. More than 82 per cent of the Pima crop was planted in two Phytogen varieties, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

New to PhytoGen’s 2016 Acala cotton seed line-up is PHY 764 WRF with glyphosate resistance and WideStrike. Peck says two Tulare County growers last year yielded 20 per cent more lint with PHY 764 WRF, compared to PHY 725 WRF. PhytoGen’s Pima cotton offerings for California include: PHY 802 RF, PHY 805 RF, PHY 811 RF, PHY 830, plus two new varieties for 2016 - PHY 841 RF and PHY 881 RF. The new varieties have larger seeds compared to most Pima varieties.

Meanwhile, about 45 per cent of Arizona’s cotton acreage last year was planted in Monsanto Deltapine varieties. The company’s DP 1055 B2RF variety was the most popular variety, planted on 23 per cent of the state’s acreage. Dave Albers, Monsanto’s cotton germplasm manager, calls the company’s DP 1044 B2RF, DP 1219 B2RF, and DP 1359 B2RF the “Big Three” varieties in Arizona.