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UK pushes for recycled fibers

Clothing companies in the UK that design products with lower environmental impacts may be rewarded. And those don't use recycled fabrics could be taxed more. The tax on virgin plastics, due to come into force in 2022, may be extended to synthetic textile products to encourage the use of recycled fibers.

Since the voluntary approach to improving sustainability has not really worked, retailers with more than a certain turnover may be made to comply with environmental targets. Companies will be required to perform due diligence checks across their supply chains to ensure their products are made without child or forced labor.

Consumption of new clothing in the UK is estimated to be higher than in any other European country. But this comes with a huge social and environmental price tag: carbon emissions, water use, chemical and plastic pollution. Consumers in the UK get rid of over a million tons of clothes every year.

To end the era of throwaway fashion companies that offer sustainable designs and repair services may be offered incentives. However, these ideas may not be easy to implement in practice. One issue is whether recycled fabrics would work and who would wear them. Will consumers like recycled fabrics in their clothing?