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Turkey’s cotton yarn production to hit new high

Turkey is one of the biggest textile markets on global market, and the spinning technology and product quality is higher than that of nations like India and Vietnam. Spinning capacity grew rapidly in recent two years, with cotton textile spindles staying around 8 million, mainly cotton yarn.

Cotton is insufficient in Turkey, requiring imports to satisfy production, and with decreasing cotton production, import dependency gradually intensified. Besides, Turkey almost does not have VSF capacity, needing import, and the capacity of PSF is not big too.

Cotton imports were large in Turkey, bigger than other cotton textile feedstock, keeping accumulating in 2011-2014, reaching 913kt in 2014 and dropping to around 803kt in 2015. VSF imports were also big, with annual imports staying 200-250kt, and around 244kt in 2015. Imports of PSF were small but kept rising in 2011-2015 with growth rate at 75 per cent, from 95kt in 2011 to 166kt in 2015.

Cotton yarn production grew slowly in Turkey during 2000-2007, with annual output staying around 500-800kt, amounted to 600-700kt in 2008-2012, but soared to 1020kt in 2013 and later was in stable consolidation. According to latest statistics, cotton yarn production totaled 264 kt in the first quarter of 2016, up 5.2 per cent y-o-y, and may exceed 1 million tons this year or hit new high if there is no accident factor.