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Taiwan textiles sector looks FIFA World Cup for export boost

Taiwan’s textile exports showed steady signs of recovery in July amid improving industry sentiment. Exports rose 0.73 per cent year-on-year from July 2016. Exports from January to July edged up 0.05 per cent year-on-year. This was an improvement from a 0.04 per cent annual decline in the first six months.

Taiwanese textile and fabric makers are likely to benefit from rising demand ahead of next year’s FIFA World Cup. The Taiwanese textile industry has developed environmentally-friendly concepts and done recycled polymer and polymer blends. From yarns for apparel to industrial and sport accessories, recycled yarns are growing in importance and are a core part of Taiwan’s textile industry.

Mixtures of new technologies and fashion allow new design elements that were hard to imagine in the past. Polymer based yarn developments in polyester, nylon, recycled and blended with natural fibers, lead the way. It is possible to have the look and feel of natural fiber fabrics with the performance and flexibility of synthetics. Comfortable, breathable, wind and water resistant textiles are mixed and matched in breathtaking design elements. Odor control and a myriad of product enhancements allow new and innovative design directions bringing the consumer endless options.

The final piece of Taiwan textile value equation is the vertical integration of many of its core textile suppliers into the finished garment business.