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Sustainable Textile Conference scheduled for November in Portland

The 2014 Textile Sustainability Conference will be held from November 9 to 12, 2014 in Portland, US. Portland is the hub for environmentally- and socially- minded brands and retailers. The conference will bring together the most respected industry names with the intent to share, listen, learn and develop scalable solutions with emphasis on every aspect of the supply chain.

The 2014 conference will be segmented into four key topics: design and materials, chemistry and processing, industry and product integrity, the big picture and emerging issues. Leaders in the textile sustainability industry are currently developing assimilated sessions and plenaries to share the latest concepts, best practices and collaborate opportunities surrounding sustainable consumer products.

This year’s conference will inspire, educate and provide the tools for everyone to drive meaningful change. The fashion industry is exploring how designers and manufacturers can move toward providing more sustainable fashion.

A number of factors contributing to a product’s sustainability throughout its lifecycle, not only the durability and utility of a product, but also the process of its production and distribution. More streamlined standards and practices across the supply chain are the best way to move toward more sustainable fashion. Several high-end brands already incorporate sustainable practices. More middle brands should follow suit.