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Suedwolle Group unveils game-changing ACTIVEYARN, seasonless collection


Suedwolle Group is revolutionizing its approach with the launch of ACTIVEYARN, a groundbreaking seasonless corporate collection. More than just a range of yarns for sports applications, ACTIVEYARN signifies a paradigm shift—a call to "Get active" in adopting a novel mindset towards the company's extensive offerings. The collection, spanning weaving, knitting, hosiery, and technical yarns, boasts cutting-edge spinning technologies and features wool blends and traceable natural fibers.

Illustrating this transformative concept is the metaphor of a "kaleidoscope," symbolizing the dynamic change inspiring Suedwolle Group's creativity. ACTIVEYARN encourages individuals to forge new connections, adapt to evolving needs, and explore diverse patterns, colors, and stitches across various applications.

Underpinning this collection are six strategic pillars: innovation, sustainability, circularity, traceability, design, performance, and technology—guiding the entire design and production process. Notable yarns within ACTIVEYARN include Jasmin GOTS Nm 2/48, a GOTS-certified, sustainable wool, and Tirano Betaspun RWS FSC, a fully traceable high-performance yarn suitable for activewear.

Further exemplifying Suedwolle Group's commitment to sustainability is the OTW Midway GRS Nm 2/60, a circular production yarn made from recycled pre-consumer polyamide. The collection also introduces Wallaby Betaspun Nm 1/60, combining Betaspun technology with natural wool for added strength, and Banda TEC X-Compact Nm 2/47, a biodegradable yarn with innovative X-Compact technology.

Caprera GRS Nm 1/60 stands out for enhancing wool-based fibers with COOLMAX EcoMade polyester, derived from post-consumer PET bottles. This addition not only boosts performance but also promotes moisture evaporation, enhancing the comfort of activewear and urban garments. With ACTIVEYARN, Suedwolle Group aims to inspire a new era of creativity, sustainability, and innovation in the textile industry.



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