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Soorty introduces new stonewash for denim


Soorty, Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated denim company promises to revolutionize the traditional stonewash in denim laundry. It recently launched Zero Stone wash that offers several environmental and social advantages in the denim world, such as minimal use of natural resources, positive effluent discharge, increase in the speed of production permitting use of lower laser power and prevention of fabric tearing during laundry.

Zero Stone helps achieve stonewash appearance in denim garments without using the conventional pumice stones. This new method allows savings of resources like water, energy and chemicals. With traditional stonewash, the pumice stones and denim garments are put together in an industrial washing machine where garments are repeatedly pounded and beaten in a tumbler, which eventually gives jeans a vintage and worn look on a freshly made garment.

Zero Stone replicates the visuals of traditionally made garments but reduces the use of water and implements a positive effluent discharge rather than the emission of hazardous chemicals. Further minimizing the use of natural resources, the innovation transforms sustainable garment manufacturing at scale.

For years, Soorty has invested in disruptive technologies and developed environmentally and socially conscious denim laundry systems that help in reducing the use of water, chemicals, and energy.


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