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Shahi Exports released Sustainability Report, aims for 100% Renewable Energy


Shahi Exports, India's leading apparel manufacturer and exporter, unveiled its second Sustainability Report for FY 2022-23, spotlighting robust initiatives across key focus areas. The report underscores Shahi's commitment to environmental stewardship, emphasizing Energy and Emissions Management, Water Efficiency, Chemical and Materials Stewardship, Waste Towards Circularity, Empowered Workforce, Employee Health and Well-being, Fair and Respectful Workplace, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Anant Ahuja, Head of ESG at Shahi Exports, highlighted the transformative shifts in the sustainability narrative within the fashion industry. The Sustainability Report serves as a vital tool for tracking progress and identifying avenues for further improvement, aligning strategies with long-term growth objectives.

Key report highlights showcase Shahi's significant strides in environmental targets, notably achieving 92.5MW in renewable energy capacity and eliminating coal from garment factories. The company's commitment earned international and national recognition, including the International Green Apple Environment Award and the Excellence in Performance Award.

On the social front, Shahi's dedication to employee development is evident through investments in upskilling, soft skills training, and initiatives supporting migrant workers. Harish Ahuja, Managing Director and Chairperson, expressed confidence that sustainability efforts will underpin Shahi's success as it approaches its 50th year, advocating for industry-wide transformation through collaboration and shared best practices.



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