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Rwanda to develop textile centers to save import expenditure

East African nation of Rwanda wants to develop its own textile industry, cut import of garments and create jobs through factories. Every year, the country is spends over $15 million importing second hand clothes. In order to reduce reliance on imported clothing, the country is seeking funds and skills from Chinese investors to establish garment factories.

Among the economic platforms, tailoring has been seen top opportunities for increasing more locally made products. It is possible that some imported knitted clothes such as uniforms can be made by locals. And Chinese investors have offered to train local tailors.

Rwanda has the advantage of a strong and disciplined workforce. The country wants to achieve large-scale industrial manufacturing and develop a broad base of skills in manufacturing and diversify the country’s export base. In time it hopes to start exporting textile garments to Europe and the US.

The tie-up with Chinese companies will help Rwandan youth and women acquire practical skills on manufacturing garments for both domestic consumption and export, establishing garment and textile production centers. Activities like cutting, finishing, packaging and warehouse will equip them with the necessary skills.