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Russia invests in man-made fiber

Russia imports up to 70 per cent of its man-made fiber requirements. The textile industry continues to be heavily dependent on China. It’s plagued by outdated production methods and underutilization of capacity. To get over this problem, there’s now a plan to establish new production facilities in the industry on the basis of a public-private partnership.

The structure of demand in the domestic man-made fiber industry has significantly changed. In the past, the majority of industry’s output was used in standard textiles and cigarette production, whereas there is now significantly increased demand from industries such as road-building and composite materials. The domestic construction industry is the main buyer. Other important clients include the textile spinning and weaving companies and the automotive industry.

At present the Russian man-made fiber industry comprises 14 large enterprises. The industry is very concentrated, with 82 per cent of the turnover in the hands of five largest companies. The production of man-made fibers and yarns in Russia last year reached about 150,000 tons. A new complex is now coming up for the production of man-made fibers. This will have the capacity to produce 2,00,000 tons of fiber per year, 15 million linear meters per year and will produce up to 25 different types of fabrics.