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Riri Group develops steel zips

The Riri Group, a leader in the fashion detail industry (zippers and buttons) has now developed steel zips. Riri keeps exploring a world of sensations, gazes, surfaces and colors to develop revolutionary creations in terms of products, materials and trends. The Swiss group is at the forefront of technical and stylistic research. In zips, Riri has been investigating a lot on both materials and technologies in order to offer cutting-edge products able to anticipate the market’s trends like water-repellent zippers in plastic. The company is about to finalize a zip concept that has all metallic parts exclusively made of stainless steel. This material – instead of the more traditional brass and zinc ones – leads to significant improvements in terms of oxidation resistance and strength and could make finishing treatment unnecessary.

The group is developing innovative technologies for the surface treatment of body sliders and teeth that will result in original finishes and effects impossible to achieve with standard technologies. Research is being done on metal zippers with tapes in leather rather than fabric, both for garments and leather goods.

B.Lock is a concept that can be applied to any field with a need for functionality meets aesthetic requirements, thanks to a revolutionary locking system that makes this snap extra resistant to lateral traction. It embodies performance, safety and resistance.