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Raymond places huge khadi order

Raymond has ordered 98,000 meters of khadi fabric from the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC).The order is worth over Rs 2 crores. This is the largest ever order received by KVIC from any corporate giant.

Of the total 98,000 meters of fabric, 32,000 meters will be supplied by the end of this month and the rest by May end.

Earlier, in January and February, Raymond took more than 6000 meters of various different fabrics from KVIC for testing and sampling. As per the agreement Raymond will procure a minimum of Rs 2.50 crores worth of fabric every year.

After joint visits, Raymond has selected various clusters from Gujarat, Rajasthan and other places to procure grey and finished khadi fabric. Raymond will also provide design inputs to create high end designer wear using khadi fabric.

Khadi is heralding the entry of corporate and private sector giants into marketing of khadi fabric and thus providing sustainable employment and livelihood support to the artisans.

KVIC is taking several initiatives to increase the sale of khadi, which today stands under one per cent among total textile sales in the country. In the financial year 2015-16, khadi sales stood at Rs 1,510 crores. For 2016-17, KVIC expects to achieve a turnover between Rs 1900 crores to Rs 2000 crores. The target is to achieve Rs 5000 crores in two years.