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Rajshahi University professor extracts new fiber from plant

A new natural fiber has been extracted from a plant that grows almost everywhere in Bangladesh. The thread is said to be better than jute or linen and surpass the brightness, softness and strength of jute and linen.

Prof Anwar Ul Islam, a pharmacy professor of Rajshahi University in Bangladesh has already finished a four-year research on the fiber and has called upon textile experts to work on his findings and see whether it could be produced commercially. He feels it would be useful for making comfortable clothes.

The extraction process of the fiber is the same as jute's. According to a 2016 report, the fiber is quite comfortable like cotton as well as very glossy, which would bring luster, brightness and shine in clothing. The plant from which the fiber is obtained was never used for collecting fibers anywhere in the world. Nor was the microorganism or bacteria ever used for rotting the plant's stem to extract any fiber.

The professor who is currently working with US scientists on anti-cancer medicines calls his findings a by-product of his regular hit-or-miss experiments. Apart from teaching, he conducts experiments, often out of his personal necessities. The professor developed a herbal nasal drop when he suffered cold, and produced a hair tonic and a fairness cream from herbs when he felt he was ageing. The new fiber came up in the middle of these experiments.