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Pulcra's DEVAN REPEL: Eco-friendly water repellency


Pulcra Chemicals, in collaboration with its subsidiary Devan Chemicals, has unveiled DEVAN REPEL, a groundbreaking water repellency brand poised to revolutionize the market. The inaugural product, DEVAN REPEL ONE, is a durable water repellent designed for Polyester and blends, seamlessly merging cutting-edge chemistry with eco-conscious principles.

Promising superior performance, the technology ensures outstanding water repellency across diverse applications, from outdoor wear to technical textiles. Its versatility extends to a broad spectrum of materials, with a pronounced efficacy on polyester and blends. Notably, the solution champions sustainability by being free from perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) and isocyanates, contributing to an environmentally responsible approach.

DEVAN REPEL ONE's longevity is a standout feature, safeguarding treated products from the elements and prolonging their lifespan. The introduction of DEVAN EXTENDER GEN3 further enhances performance flexibility, meeting varied requirements without compromising on environmental standards.

Thomas Bremer, Global Head of SBU Textile at Pulcra Chemicals, emphasizes the collaboration's dedication to delivering value. The innovative product caters to diverse industries, from outdoor enthusiasts and athletes to functional textiles like tents, embodying a commitment to innovation and sustainability. DEVAN REPEL ONE is a testament to the continual pursuit of excellence by Devan and Pulcra in pushing the boundaries of textile technology, fostering a more comfortable and sustainable world.



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