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Patagonia combines synthetic, down to create HyperPuff

American outdoor apparel company, Patagonia, has come out with a HyperPuff line, comprising hoodies, parkas, and jackets. Patagonia’s latest line combines the best of both synthetic and down.

Down creates a tangible area of warmth around the body but it’s useless when wet. Synthetic materials continue to insulate even while exposed to moderately wet conditions and provide excellent breathability during vigorous physical activity.

But one of the biggest problems with synthetic insulation is its lifespan and inability to retain loft over time, as opposed to regular down, which typically lasts decades. So the HyperPuff line features a synthetic puff jacket that actually puffs, mimicking the warmth of goose down while upholding the increased durability offered by synthetic materials.

Hyper Puff does not use Primaloft insulation. The insulation was developed internally with another supplier in Asia who had access to a special non-woven machine which orients fibers vertically instead of horizontally, like traditional insulation. The product’s unique ability to compress and spring back to life is unprecedented, allowing for easy transport of an otherwise bulky jacket in a small stuff sack. When removed from the sack, the jacket puffs up immediately.

The decision between wearing synthetic or down in the coldest and wettest of places no longer remains a compromise. HyperPuff provides the best of both worlds and ensures continuous warmth — even when wet.