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Pakistan's textile exports rise to $13.738 billion

Textile exports from Pakistan have increases by 5.30 per cent during the fiscal year 2013-14 compared to the corresponding period of last year. The overall textile exports from the country during July-June 2013-14 stood at $13.738 billion compared to the exports of $13.047 billion in July-June 2012-13, according to the latest data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Textile products that contributed in the positive growth of trade included raw cotton, exports of which increased by 33.27 percent by going up from $153.929 million last year to $205.139 million during the fiscal year 2013-14. Similarly, the exports of cotton cloth increased by 3.11 per cent from $2,689.832 million to $2,773.564 million whereas the exports of yarn (other than cotton yarn) increased by 12.82 per cent by going up from $38.476 million to $43.409 million.

According to the PBS data, the exports of knitwear increased from $2,042.958 million to $2,258.054 million, an increase of 10.53 per cent whereas the exports of bed wear increased from $1,785.417 million to $2,258.054 million, an increase of 19.78 per cent. Readymade garments also witnessed 8.67 per cent in exports and the exports of made up articles (excluding towels) increased by 11.41 per cent.

On the other hand, the products that witnessed negative growth in trade included cotton yarn, exports of which decreased by 11.65 per cent. The exports of cotton yarn decreased from$ 2,252.952 million to $1,990.529 million. The exports of cotton (carded or combed) also decreased by 53.30 per cent by going down from $13.632 million to $6.366 million.

The exports of art, silk and synthetic textile also decreased by 5.47 percent, from $405.683 million to $383.476 million, the PBS data revealed. Exports of all other textile materials increased by 23.24 per cent during the period under review  surging from $379.394 million to $467.552 million. The country’s trade deficit narrowed by 2.48 per cent during the fiscal year 2013-14 as exports expanded by 2.75 per cent while imports witnessing slight increase of 0.36 per cent as compared to the same period of last year.