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Nike launches new footwear range for Summer 2024


Marking the commencement of a multi-year innovation cycle, Nike, Inc has launched a new footwear range for Summer 2024 including the brand’s Pegasus Premium running shoe, featuring the its inaugural sculpted, visible Air Zoom unit.

Meticulously designed to conform to the foot's natural contours, this proprietary Air unit bridges the gap between the heel and forefoot, delivering a novel sensation of springiness and smoothness. Enhanced by the incorporation of ZoomX and ReactX foam, this innovative cushioning system ensures heightened energy return for runners of all levels.

Moreover, Nike's iconic Air platform, renowned for its versatility and innovation, takes center stage across various sports disciplines this summer. Through computational design and insights gleaned from the Nike Sport Research Lab, the company has optimised Air to empower athletes in breaking boundaries and achieving their goals.

John Hoke, Chief Innovation Officer, says, the brand is committed to pushing the envelope of innovation and fostering collaborative partnerships with athletes. The upcoming Nike Blueprint Pack, featuring a distinctive blue, white, and orange color scheme paying homage to co-founder Bill Bowerman, embodies this dedication.

Additionally, Nike unveiled its 2024 federation kits that are meticulously crafted based on data-driven insights and tailored to each athlete's unique requirements. Endorsed by elite athletes such as Dina Asher-Smith and Eliud Kipchoge, these kits reflect Nike's endeavor to merge performance with visual unity and cultural diversity.

AIR (Athlete Imagined Revolution), a pioneering initiative marrying athlete input with design innovation, showcases the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries. With the aid of cutting-edge design tools, Nike explores the limitless possibilities of Air technology, ushering in a new era of product development.

Anticipating a transformative period of innovation and growth for the brand, Heidi O'Neill, President - Consumer, Product, and Brand, says, these upcoming launches hint at unparalleled market opportunities and consumer engagement.



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