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New Age fit-tech tools assure customers of better shopping experience


New Age fit tech tools assure customers of better shopping experienceFitting room closures due to the pandemic has left most shoppers guessing the size of their garments, spiking rate of garment returns. To help these shoppers find their right fit, a number of new fit-tech startups are emerging.

Artificial intelligence at stores

FitMatch one such startup, opened a first-of-its-kind fit studio in Chicago’s Oakbrook Center. As per Vogue Business, the studio scans people to make product recommendations. As per Jessica Murphy, Co-Founder, Fit Analytics, FitMatch applies artificial intelligence in physical stores of brands like Levi’s, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade.

The startup’s pilot projects in Houston and Miami attracted millennials and Gen Z customers, with the average age being 27, says Haniff Brown, Founder and CEO. They collected more than 12,000 customer measurements and more than 1.8 million unique data points, while 80 per cent of shoppers who entered the studio were measured. Customers using this tool can buy items online or find them in-store. The startup also developed a concierge-style service where the store brings customer-selected items to the fit studio.

Four times increase in conversions

Online hi-tech tool, True Fit has over 180 million registered users, who provide information on height, weight and the size and information on their best-New Age fit tech tools assure customers of better shoppingfitting pieces of clothing. Brands that adopt the True Fit tool have recorded a four times increase in conversions double-digit decrease in fit-related return rates, The platform adds about 2 million new users every week, informs.Jessica Murphy, Co-Founder Fit Analytics

True Fit is partnering retailers to install a new app in stores to help customers scan QR codes or bar codes to see personal recommendations, or access a personalized catalogue from within the store. Retailers who have adopted this tool include Macy’s, Ralph Lauren and Lane Bryant.

Fit Analytics, which makes size recommendations based on an online survey has adopted an online quiz for in-store associates. The startup has helped Brazilian women’s wear brand Amaro increase conversions by 2 per cent and decrease returns by 4 per cent.

Changing tastes make mainstream adoption challenging

Brands are also providing fitting technologies to in-store associates. The digital measurement tool launched by 3D Look has been adopted a lot of companies. Tailored Brands adopted 3D Look’s online consumer facing tool to help tailors measure customers with an iPad, says Whitney Chathcart, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Even as adoption off these technologies is increasing, they are yet to become mainstream as fashion specifications keep constantly and syncing all together at one time is challenging, opines, Karen Katz, CEO, Neiman Marcus. According to Fokke de long, Founder and CEO, Suitsupply, a Dutch suiting brand, sometimes, even simple technology works. The company has launched ‘Safe Shopping Screens’ that tailors can reach through. These mirrors provide customers with a sense of familiarity as they gear up for a new shopping experience.


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