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‘Knit for You’, a new retail experience from Adidas

German athletic wear Adidas has taken technology to a completely new level to create a unique experience for its customers. The company recently launched a pop-up shop in Berlin, called Knit For You. Once the customers steps into the store, they get an opportunity to design their own sweaters made of Merino wool and can get a finished product that costs them $200, within an hour or two. To pick the design, customers will can visit the dark room and stand in the middle of an illuminated box. Different patterns will be projected on the chest. The patterns can be moved around on the sweater using hand gestures, which are picked up by sensors.

Customers are able to try out several options and look at them later on a monitor. It's also possible to test out different colours by putting swatches on the high-tech gadget. The sweaters are knitted on machines right in the store.

Though the brand has launched this as an experiment the inherent strategy is apparently clear. In the sneaker industry today, one clothing design usually takes 12-18 months to reach the store shelves. Adidas is trying to cut short this time frame for quite some time now. It has already engaged robotic intelligence into its operations heavily and dabbled in 3D painting. The Knit For You store in Berlin is open for a couple of months now and is delivering 10 sweaters on an extremely busy day. Adidas is currently keeping a close watch on this store’s performance and will soon decide about the next location for a similar kind of a store. If this experiment works, Adidas will be way ahead of its competitors.