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Karl Mayer sets up factory in Ahmedabad to assemble creels

Karl Mayer has opened a warp knitting factory in Ahmedabad. The factory will assemble creels, used most frequently for warp preparation in India. When successful, the capacity will gradually be expanded. The aim is to build other types of creel step-by-step for India and to obtain the necessary components, as far as possible, from domestic suppliers. To ensure the highest quality assembly work, experienced local service technicians were trained and are responsible for quality assurance, a strategy that has already proven to be successful in China.

If successful, the company can offer customers all the advantages of local production, meaning delivery times, customer specific solutions and favorable acquisition costs, without any of the tax disadvantages associated with imports. By the end of December 2014, the Karl Mayer Academy India will move from Surat to Ahmedabad. By concentrating service activities the company hopes to achieve synergies. In April 2015, and on a smaller scale, an open house event for Karl Mayer customers will follow. The company plans to present a warping machine, a wider MJ model, as well as some tricot machines.

India enjoyed a share of roughly 4 per cent of Karl Mayer’s proceeds in 2013.  Roughly 80 per cent of all installed tricot and raschel machines in India derive from Karl Mayer.