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Jeanologia looking at doubling its size

Spanish company Jeanologia wants to double its size in three years. The company plans to invest €10 million in R & D to develop new sustainable technologies that transform the textile sector. Jeanologia specializes in laser technology for the textile industry. It’s estimated that 20 per cent of the 6,000 million pieces of jeans produced a year in the world use Jeanologia technology. This technology produces the same finishes on the garment as do traditional techniques like sandblasting, sanding, sprays or stonewashes, but with a considerably reduced or even zero use of water and chemicals and with no detrimental effect on workers’ well-being and health.

Jeanologia wants to raise this percentage to 50 per cent and introduce this technology in all areas of textile production. The company was founded in 1993. It closed 2015 with a turnover of €32 million, after a sustained growth of 20 per cent annually over the past five years. Nearly 90 per cent of the sales come from outside the company, which has customers in 50 countries on five continents, including Mexico, United States, Germany, India, China, Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

The main customers are textile producers hired by large European and American brands that manufacture in countries with cheaper labor like India, China and Pakistan.