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ILO to discuss work’s prospects

The International Labor Organisation (ILO) has launched the Global Commission on the Future of Work.

The organisation will work on a report examining the future of work, which intends to provide an analytical basis for the delivery of social justice and fairness.

The commission, composed of 28 members, including ILO director general Guy Ryder, and Philip Jennings, general secretary of UNI Global Union, will focus on the relationship between work and society, the challenge of creating decent jobs for all, the organisation of work and production, and the governance of work.

Members of the commission will produce a report to be submitted to the centenary conference of the ILO in 2019.

IndustriALL, a global player representing the interests of 50 million industrial workers in the world, welcomes the launch of the ILO initiative. It expects this initiative will help it on how to achieve fairness and justice especially in countries where workers’ conditions are still at the level of Industry 0.4 in terms of precarious working conditions.

Just Transition, a tool from the trade union movement aimed at securing jobs and livelihoods during the shift towards more sustainable production, is one of the answers to challenges faced by people of labor in the fast changing work environment.