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IFDC partners with Turkish fashion week

Istanbul Modest Fashion Week will take place from May 13 to 14, 2016. This is Turkey’s premier event offering an international platform for designers and brands from the region to seamlessly connect with fashion influencers, media, fashion associations and retail executives.

The event will consist of world class stages, fashion shows, fashion booths and workshops. IFDC is partnering the event. The fashion week will open a gateway to modest style and IFDC intends to play a role in making this a global event. Among IFDC’s contributions will be workshops, talk show, chief guests, leading designers, and more.

In Istanbul, women have an unique relationship with fashion – they dress in a conservative but expressive, colorful and modern way. There are many homegrown design houses in Istanbul as well as a fashion magazine that translates modern trends for conservative women. There is a huge market for high-end conservative fashion in Turkey. Bright colors and modern cuts maintain modesty and Islamic values.

Recent trends highlight versatility, allowing the wearer to tailor designer outfits to conservative tastes. Dresses can be worn over pants, and longer coats make curves less pronounced. One Islamic swimsuit is called burkini, a combination of burkha and bikini.