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Hohenstein develops textile tests, to be presented at Techtextil in May

Hohenstein has developed a test procedure for assessing the biodegradation of textiles. Biodegradability of textile products is becoming an increasingly important factor in assessing their sustainability, focusing not just on manufacturing and product safety, but on what happens to a product once it reaches the end of its useful life cycle.

Hohenstein is developing a protein-based water and dirt-repellent finishing agent to provide an alternative to hydrophobic processes using fluorocarbon chemicals. The aim is to functionalise textiles in a stable, economical and sustainable way using fungal proteins produced with biotechnology as a replacement for per- and poly fluorinated hydrocarbons that are potentially dangerous to humans and the environment.

The subject of responsible chemical management in companies along the textile chain has recently been growing in importance. Using the Oeko-Tex modular system of certifications and tools for increased sustainability as a basis, Hohenstein provides companies with solutions for incrementally optimising their chemical management systems to meet these market requirements successfully.

Hohenstein also provides its expertise in the area of pattern making techniques and fitting tests. The latest data on breast volumes for women, for example, enables further improvements to be made to bra cup sizes. The group is developing a thermoelectric cooling bandage for mobile cold therapy for acute injuries and post-operation treatment.

Hohenstein will present these developments at Techtextil, Germany, May 2017.