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H&M’s Global Change Awards boosts circular fashion

H&M’s Global Change Awards are a move to accelerate the shift from linear to circular fashion and to reinvent the entire fashion industry. The five winners get a grant along with a one-year innovation accelerator program providing tailor-made support and invaluable access to the fashion industry.

Some of last year’s winning innovations were leather made of wine making leftovers, digital threads weaved into garments to ease the recycling processes and climate positive nylon made from water, plant waste and solar energy. Finding better ways to make what is used, and wisely using what is available--Global Change Award is an important initiative to drive this forward. The idea is intentionally and thoughtfully reusing, recycling, and repurposing, it’s possible to drive significant and radical improvements to the world.

H&M has made a technological breakthrough in finding a method to recycle blended textiles into new fabrics and yarns. H&M is the world’s second biggest fashion fast fashion brand. It is investing significantly in the supply chain, such as in new logistics solutions with greater levels of automation, but also in optimising its lead times