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Guess Q4 revenues up five per cent

For the fourth quarter Guess revenues rose 5.7 per cent. The American retail revenues was down 0.7 per cent, while comps were up six per cent while American wholesale revenues for Guess jumped 19.2 per cent during the quarter. European revenues increased 4.1 per cent, while retail comps were flat. Asia was the strongest market for Guess, with revenues increasing 21.7 per cent and retail comps up 13 per cent during the quarter.

For the whole fiscal year net revenue increased 10.4 per cent. Retail revenues in the Americas fell one per cent while retail comp sales including e-commerce increased four per cent. Revenue for the Americas wholesale segment jumped 13.6 per cent. European revenues increased 14.4 per cent. Retail comp sales including e-commerce increased five per cent, while Asia revenues climbed 25.7 per cent. Retail comp sales in Asia were up 15 per cent.

Guess was also able to expand the company’s operating margin, despite cost pressures related to its transition to new distribution center in Europe. For the fiscal year ending February 1, 2020, the company is expecting consolidated net revenue to increase between four and five per cent and for the upcoming first quarter an increase in sales between 2.5 per cent and 3.5 per cent.