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Despite growing t-shirt market, India’s exports fall while B’desh, Vietnam grow significantly


India’s T-shirt exports have fallen by around seven per cent in a period of six years.

Markedly, other countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam have grown in their T-shirt exports, outclassing India in the segment. From 2017 to 2022 Bangladesh’s T-shirt exports have grown by 48 per cent. In the same period Vietnam’s T-shirt exports to the world have grown by 34 per cent.

India bears the brunt of a comparatively high cost of T-shirt manufacturing. Prices have fallen as compared to what Indian T-shirt exporters were getting in 2017, yet India’s exports have not flourished.On the other hand, Vietnam has created a niche for itself as it’s majorly catering to high-end T-shirts for global sportswear brands including Nike and Adidas.

India’s cost of manufacturing T-shirts is only a bit higher than what Bangladesh offers. While Vietnam has the required raw material, expertise and infrastructure to produce premium T-shirts for global fashion brands, India lacks in these areas.

Meanwhile T-shirt consumption is set to maintain an upward growth trend in the immediate term, due to the recovery being seen in the global economy, the process of ongoing urbanization, the rising population, and increasing income levels. The global trend of the T-shirt market is expected to continue, with a growth of 1.7 per cent annually in the medium term.


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