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Denim imports into EU on the rise

Import of denim jeans into the European Union recovered in 2013, increasing 4.4 per cent in value and 8.6 per cent in volume terms, but average prices declined 3.9 per cent. European Union nations imported 494 million pairs of denim jeans in 2013. Between 2007 and 2013, imports of jeans recorded an annual growth rate of 5.3 per cent compared to the growth figure of 2.2 per cent for overall EU clothing imports.

Jeans imports declined in 2012 thanks to the fragile European economy before returning to growth last year. Turkey, Bangladesh and China together account for 62 per cent of jeans imports at 69 per cent in volume terms, followed by Pakistan, Tunisia, Morocco and Cambodia. In 2013, China was overtaken by Turkey and Bangladesh in value terms, but remained the top volume supplier at 142 million pairs.

In terms of importing countries, Germany is the most attractive European market for jeans. It is the largest importer by both value and volume and is also the market with the highest growth rate. The second most attractive market is the UK. It is followed by Spain, which has experienced strong average annual growth since 2005. The market for imported jeans in France and Italy each represents about a third of the value of Germany. Italy purchases the most expensive jeans followed by Austria, Denmark, Germany and Sweden.