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Creating magic with Alcantara

Alcantara is pushing boundaries in textiles. Over the years, it has been the go-to material for durability in everything from textile components of yachts to fashion collections, with options in thicknesses, colors and textures, making it pioneeringly functional. Talented young artists have interpreted Alcantara in their own ways. Alcantara’s hi-tech and uniquely innovative qualities make it a candidate for serious design experimentation. The material has been tested for resilience, color and technological abilities. It has been mixed with foam, wood and aluminium to form flexible furniture. Motorised Alcantara-made cones have been made to hang from the ceiling and move up and down into a pool of water, forming peaceful droplets. A belt has been created out of the material to demonstrate its strength.

The soft material has been paired with glass, marble and metal, and repositioned as solid matter. Wrapped around these hard elements multiple times, the folds create subtle color gradients and patterns.

A designer has played with Alcantara’s color ranges, creating what appears to be large quilted playground toys. Another designer has harnessed a black and metallic iteration of Alcantara and introduced an additional layer of film to form a perforated, extra enduring textile lighting piece.